About the Company

«VALLEX» is a professional software development company for medium and large scale business. Experience of successful cooperation with European and Russian companies allows completing tasks of different complexity and in different fields. It is necessary to develop software with professionals, that will surely improve profitability of your business!

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 Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg,
Business Center "Vyborgskaya Zastava"

Software needs to be developed with professionals. This will definitely bring dividends to your business!

Order development

Our services

  • Custom software development; Formation of dedicated teams;
  • Formation of dedicated teams;
  • Integration of corporate apps;
  • Independent control over software quality;
  • Support of the discovered solutions.

Cooperation models

  • Fixed price;
  • Time and resources;
  • Dedicated team.

Principles of work


State-of-the-art technologies make it possible to stay in touch with Clients all the time and solve arising problems immediately.


Applying sophisticated technologies and methodologies of development we find multi-functional but easy-to-use solutions for our Clients.

Comprehensive approach.

Before starting work on the project we analyze not only the current state of the Client’s software, but also the sector of that company works in.


Aleksandra Chinchenko

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Larisa Demina

Chief Accountant

Evgenia Alexeenko

Chief human resources officer

Valery Lezhebokov

Chief technical officer (CTO)

Dmitry Kuznetsov

Head of Business Development

Andrey Savka

Frontend developer

Denis Golov

Frontend developer

Alexander Teldekov

System administrator

Alex Orlov

Backend Developer. Cloud architect

Georgy Knyazev

Backend Developer

Slava Driuchyn

Quality Assurance engineer. Team lead

Konstantin Dolgii

Quality Assurance engineer

Pavel Khlebnikov

Quality Assurance engineer

Roman Ivanov

Full stack Developer

Marina Khrebtova

Quality Systems Manager

Konstantin Fadeev

Full stack developer

Alexander Kulikov

Mobile developer