About us


are an international
team of
IT professionals successfully solving the most complex tasks of developing
highestlevel software.

Our Mission

Development and implementation of bold technological solutions that will help our Clients improve their business.

Our Values

Customer success is the driving force of our team.

Our Experience

We have the knowledge, courage and professional skills to improve the IT infrastructure of your business

Our history

Our company began work on

projects in Switzerland. Today the customers geography has significantly expanded and for four years we have been successfully cooperating with companies from Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Presence Cities

Our offices are located

in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which allows us to hire strong specialists.
The company has a representative office in Baden for convenient meetings with customers in the very center of Europe.



Корпоратив в Сезоны-бар

Корпоратив в Сезоны-бар


Корпоратив в ТейстЛаб 2

Корпоратив в ТейстЛаб 2


Our Team

Analysts, Developers, Product Managers, UX / UI Designers, Testers.

The staffing of the team allows us to work on projects of various degrees of readiness: from MVP to a fully functional product.


The development team mainly consists of high-level full-stack specialists

with higher technical education and many years of experience.

Work flexibility

In our work, we use the flexible methodologies

of Scrum and Kanban and also successfully apply the PMBOK knowledge base.
And, of course, we preach the principles of Agile.

Let’s discuss the project?

Write us! We will be glad to help you!