Our developers implement complex projects in cooperation with RIGHTECH IOT Platformthe best Russian IoT platform.

About app

Our pace of life is accelerating and this calls for uberization of various business areas. Carsharing and mobile taxi services have become an integral part of life and seem to exist for a long time.

One of our joint projects with RIGHTECH IoT Platform is Wecharged power bank sharing service: sharing economy enables people instead of buying a phone charger just take it for temporary use almost anywhere they need. When users launch the app, they get access to the map pinpointing devices available for rent.

Power bank rent is instantly paid via a banking card linked to the user account (the platform is integrated with Adven international payment system). The project launches in Amsterdam and will develop in other large Western European cities.

Project tasks

It was necessary to develop a functional, but at the same time understandable and user-friendly sharing mobile application.

Tasks solution

In the developed mobile application the user gets access to the map with the devices available for rent marked on it. For convenient payment we have implemented integration with the Adyen payment service.

Wecharged slide 01
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Mobile development
Backend development