Cooperation models

Fixed Price

This cooperation model is applicable if budget and volume of work are strictly fixed.

Maximal transparency

Project cost and period are fixed and can be changed only if approved by the parties.

Easy communication

During the working process, client representatives actively cooperate with VALLEX Software account managers and developers, who always remain in touch.

Financial benefits

It is more comfortable to work with us than hire developers because it is essential not only to find skilled employees but also manage their work in the right way.


This cooperation model is ideal for companies that don’t have sufficient experience in software development projects.

Time and Material

No extra costs

You won’t have to expand your office or buy additional equipment. Our teams work remotely and save costs for our clients.


Daily online meetings enable real-time monitoring of work progress. Besides, our developers stay in touch during the working day and always can be contacted.

High quality of work

Professionalism of our developers is proved by our experience of work with international clients. We trust our employees and are always prepared for code inspection.

Only reliable people

When we pick specialists, we prefer the ones who already have successful experience of working in distributed teams.


This cooperation model is ideal for companies that need to quickly expand their own developer teams or work on long-term projects.

You will get a team of specialists selected according to your project requirements. Our developers become a part of your team and fulfill its objectives. If necessary, additional specialists can join the work and the development process can be adjusted.