Developing Sharing Economy projects is one of the favorite activities of our team. We have successful experience of working on various services: vehicle sharing, power bank sharing, apartment and coworking sharing.

Another important direction of our work involves projects like Smart Home. Smart City and others related to automation of modern residential housing. We pay special attention to projects focusing on the industrial Internet of things, e.g. Predicative analytics for the industry.


Mobile apps

Web apps

Work sequence

  1. Analysis
    • Managing the requirements
    • Preparing the solution on the architectural level
  2. Design
    • Making the technical specification
    • Prototyping the solution, clarifying the requirements
    • Designing the architecture
    • Preparing the work schedule
  3. Implementation
    • Deploying project environment
    • Creating interface and design
    • Developing functionality
    • Ensuring quality
  4. Release
    • Acceptance tests
    • Publishing the mobile app
    • Maintenance and support